Home owners and young families have come up with a new idea to engage with wildlife.
It is called the Reptile Party.

Reptile Party

A new wildlife experience ...
The hands on reptile party.

Young families with children are getting back to nature and wildlife by bringing it into the home!
The hands on reptile party is all the rage in Melbourne, Sydney and quite a few other parts of Australia.
The gig runs as follows.
The kids come over with their mums and dads.
Then the snake man rocks up with a ute full of wildlife.
Crocodiles, snakes, turtles and all sorts of stuff turn up and then the fun starts.
For an hour or more the kids party involves everyone getting to see and hold various animals.
Mobile phones are out as everyone wants to keep a memory of their experience.
Some kids are scared at first, but before long, it becomes hard to get people not to hold the animals.
No one wants to miss out.
Because reptile parties are popular, they are sometimes hard to book.
They are also not cheap, but the memory lasts much longer than the worry about the cost.
As to why the reptile party is not a cheap party, there is a good reason.
Reptiles are expensive to keep and maintain.
The eat mice and rats for a start and they are not cheap to buy!
Then because they are reptiles, as in cold blooded, they like to be kept warm.
The power bills for reptile keepers are huge.
So when the Reptile Party comes to town, someone's got to pay these costs!
There is another more serious issue with the reptile party fad.
Often the kids who have a reptile party end up wanting to have them as pets.
Then their parents go broke buying the food for the reptiles and paying the heating bills.

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