Home owners confronted by venomous snakes can access a snake catcher service.
Snake removal is affordable and eco-friendly.

Snake Catcher

Venomous snake removal for home owners.

When a venomous snake shows up in a new home or the garden, pannick is a common response.
But there is no need to do so.
Fifty years ago, Snakeman Raymond Hoser started Australia's first snake removal service.
Since then he has trained snake catchers across Australia and around the world.
Now in all parts of Australia you can find a snake catcher when an unwanted snake turns up on your property.
24/7 snake catchers are on call and while most snakes tend to come out and about in warmer weather, which means business hours, it is not unheard of for snake to turn up in a bedroom at some strange hour.
Add to that the snakes that move at night in warm places and you can soon see why snake catchers do snake removal work 24 hours a day.
The Snakeman Raymond Hoser has been doing snake catcher courses for other snake handlers in Australia for many years and with the best methods available has singlehandledly been responsible for saving dozens of lives by reducing the likelihood of venomous snake bites.
Notwithstanding the preceding, there is some importrant advice for home owners when they find a snake on their property.
You may not need to call a snake catcher.
Wait a few hours and the snake may wander off on its own, never to be seen again.
Then you won't have to pay someone to remove a snake that has already removed itself.

Don't want snakes in your new home?
Clean up the rubbish in the yard, keep your grass short and make sure there is not too much creeping vegetation.

If you have a dog that needs to be protected from snakes, then give it Snake Avoidance training.
The main thing to remember is that you need to have the dog trained using venomous species of snakes. Training a dog to avoid a non-venomous snake will not help it avoid the venomous ones.

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