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Coral Homes: Breathtaking Exteriors & Interiors

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Coral Homes is a leading real estate builder in Australia offering an innovative selection of contemporary home designs with a focus on sustainable building principles. Its development has been led by renowned architect Peter Young, who serves as its managing director. The company is dedicated to building “green” buildings and the way in which they are designed, built and operated. This has been reflected in the many awards Coral Homes has garnered, including being one of the top-rated home builders in the Australian market.

One of the latest designs offered by Coral Homes for their residential clients is the Capezio Zensia, a sleek modernistic residence that incorporates curved forms and geometric lines to achieve a unique design. This house features an asymmetrical roof line that runs lengthways along the entire rear wall. This allows the home’s curves to be emphasized and framed against the wall. Further characterizing the design is the use of a single staircase that runs throughout the length of the building.

A major selling point for this design is the use of the internal courtyard, which is made into a dynamic public space. One half of the courtyard is designated as a meditation area, while the other half is dedicated to the general public. The dual-tiered ceiling and hardwood floors feature a plethora of color choices including sand, blue, purple, black, green and white. The furnishings used in the public area include an art glass lamp, which can be displayed on a rolling stand.

Another unique element from Coral Homes is the use of a steel gabled roof, which is affixed to the lower portion of the home. One section of the roof offers a spiral staircase, while the remainder is accessible through a covered patio. The home’s main entry is through a covered hallway, which also contains an interior balcony. This balcony is accessed via a flight of stairs that lead straight to the patio.

The penthouse located on the top floor is fashioned from black wood and features a spiral staircase and a balcony. Each floor has its own French doors, which allow the home’s interior to be completely open to the garden and exterior. The design of the interior living spaces, coupled with the large floor plan, creates a feeling of continuous flow that is characteristic of many Coral Homes.

The architecture of the home is completed with several prominent features. The front entry area boasts a large terrace that overlooks the back yard. The deck is affixed to the house and offers a fantastic view of the flower-filled backyard. The second floor features a second deck that leads to an enlarged sun porch. Both decks are fashioned from wood and have been designed to maximize natural light.

As one moves up the home, they encounter a grand yet rustic dining room. Built directly below the kitchen, the dining area is fashioned from solid wood and offers a great deal of storage space. The foyer connects the dining and living rooms, and allows for a direct connection between the two areas. The formal dining room offers two individual fireplaces, one on each side of the main entrance. The formal sitting room is further accented by a fireplace in the recessed wall.

Located directly on the beach, the home is surrounded by soothing sea breezes all day long. Indoors, there are numerous relaxing nooks that lead to long-cherished moments of quiet reflection. With a modern flair, the design of the home makes it perfect for active adults. The Coral Homes of Miami beach is located directly on the beautiful Biscayne Bay, where residents have easy access to all of the attractions in the area.

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