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Building a Successful Business With AV Jennings Homes

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American Homeowners took an instant interest in Av Joings Homes after reading the obituary of Aviator pilot survived Pearl Harbor. There was a message there, as if to say that even an ordinary life has its privileges. The company subsequently changed its name and today it is known simply as AAV. Avina Av Joings was established by Aviator John Ellis whose plane crash landed at San Diego. It was here that Ellis’ family came together with the Avina Av jQuery Companies which was founded in the very same year.

AAV then went through many changes of ownership until it finally emerged as AAV Jennings Homes Limited. The company subsequently changed its name to Avina Homes Limited. Avina Homes Limited is the name that the company uses for its real estate properties in California. This company later changed its name to Avira Investments Limited.

A newer company was then introduced called Avira International. Avira International is the name that the company uses for its worldwide properties. The company subsequently changed their name to Avira REIT. Avira was later sold to Global Avina REIT.

Later on in its history AAV Homes changed its name once again to Avira Homes Inc. The company started out in the business of buying foreclosures and re-selling them. Eventually the company expanded into other areas of real estate. A large number of avascular had to be financed through AAV Homes. The company later sold its Avira Homes property portfolio to Bank Of America.

Currently AAV Homes is based in Scottsdale, Arizona. They have branches in North Carolina, Ohio, New York, Texas, Florida, Colorado, Maryland, and numerous states throughout the United States. There business is entirely focused on the sale of foreclosures. A major portion of their business involves the purchase of property from banks and government agencies. They accomplish this by conducting free property inspections.

As AAV Homes is based out of Arizona, it shares a border with Mexico. One of their main customers is the city of Glendale. In addition to that they also do some remodeling projects in Phoenix and Scottsdale. Recently they opened a new facility in Costa Mesa, California.

Another company that AAV Homes also does business with is Global Avina Real Estate. Global is a huge real estate company that has many branches in various cities all over the United States. They are most popular in California and Florida. Avira and Global are partners in a joint venture called Avira MLS.

AAV Homes was a huge success for its founders Avi Jaspers and Ran Boker. They had very humble beginnings. They started their company by investing in a hot dog stand in their Chicago neighborhood. Later they decided to branch out and open several other properties across the United States. Right now they are in the process of opening a large warehouse in North Chicago.

If you are thinking about buying AAV Homes, it would be wise to take a look at their business plan. You must understand that this company has a strong commitment to community involvement and affordable housing. It’s members have donated heavily to local charitable organizations and politicians alike. They work very closely with local, state and federal government groups. You can learn a great deal about AAV Homes, if you take a look at their charity and business plans.

You will see that AAV Homes is a great example of how a successful business can work without compromising on quality. They use modern, high-tech appliances in all of their stores. They try to utilize as much efficient technology as possible. They want to be as eco-friendly as possible. As a result, they do not dispose of any hazardous household chemicals or industrial waste.

Avira is a wonderful way to do your research into business opportunities. If you like Avira you may want to investigate further into AAV Homes. You will find that AAV Homes is a great example of a smart business that manages its resources carefully. In the future you may be able to contribute to this great business and make an even bigger profit.

Right now AAV Homes is focusing on the remodel and construction of several apartment buildings in Chicago. They hope to eventually construct five to ten new homes and to expand their current business. With the support of the Avira SEO software they plan to soon be able to handle multiple later project tasks with just a few clicks of the mouse.

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