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Built Homes of East Burnham Offer a Variety of Home Styles

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In the United States, the term “built home” conjures up visions of cold concrete homes that sit in the suburbs. However, these homes can actually be built both in the suburbs and in the city. In fact, some of the most energy efficient, high quality built homes are being built today in both the city and the suburbs. In addition, many modular homes enjoy the same low down-time and high durability of site-built homes while also living on permanent foundations and enjoying almost all the advantages of site-built construction. In fact, many people today who choose modular housing prefer it not only for its low down-time but also because of the many environmental benefits of its construction.

There are numerous examples of built homes today in Burnham, Vermont that have been delivered to a variety of locales including Burnham cathedral, the town of West Burnham Street, and the city of North Yarmouth. In addition, model homes such as the ones built by The Architecture Foundation, Inc. in West Burnham Street have been featured in national media as well. In fact, the model c3 Bungalow house was featured on the cover of Dwell, a popular monthly magazine written by American Home Builder. The model c3 Bungalow house was designed and built by award winning architect Frank Lloyd Wright and The Architecture Foundation, Inc. is responsible for the model c3 Bungalow’s fabrication.

As you look at these examples of built homes, there is a common theme running through them. First, all of the homes built by The Architecture Foundation, Inc. are environmentally friendly. In addition, they use materials that encourage energy efficiency and maximize space conservation. The Homes of West Burnham Street, in particular, uses a double-box system that consists of an interior partition composed of an outer liner and a wooden floorboard. The second compartment is comprised of the insulation material that helps keep the heating and cooling costs at a minimum.

The Homes of North Yarmouth are a little different when compared to typical built-home construction. Unlike typical prefabricated homes or even manufactured homes, the Homes of North Yarmouth are individually fabricated by a fully trained, experienced and licensed architect. When these distinctive housing designs are completed, they are sold to a number of established families who make the investment of building their own home.

A unique aspect of the Homes of East Burnham, Vermont is that they are located on a piece of property in the heart of Burnham Village. Unlike factory-built homes, prefabricated homes, and site-built homes, the Homes of East Burnham are assembled at the site prior to being disassembled later. This gives the Homes of East Burnham the advantage of a low cost of construction when compared to the other types of housing structures that are found in Burnham. In addition, these unique housing designs save the buyer money as well because in this case, the cost savings are realized after the housing is built and the occupant has been living there.

As noted, the Homes of East Burnham are manufactured in a factory-designed atmosphere. Because the majority of the Homes of East Burnham are constructed on-site, the customer can be assured of receiving a beautifully designed, high quality and durable home that will last for decades. With most housing consumers becoming increasingly concerned with long-term sustainability, the Homes of East Burnham are built to last and are environmentally sound. In fact, the Homes of East Burnham are considered to be a Green Project as they use renewable resources such as recycled glass and lumber.

The Homes of East Burnham are an excellent choice for anyone who is interested in buying a custom home. These unique housing structures are made to last and are 100% compliant with local building codes. The Homes of East Burnham are built with the latest technology and designs and can even be incorporated with some features that are customizable. In addition to the environmentally friendly aspect of the Homes of East Burnham, the pricing of the homes of this type is also very competitive. However, due to the uniqueness of the design and the fact that most people choose to live in them rather than construct custom homes, the Homes of East Burnham can be expensive.

The flexibility of the design of the Homes of East Burnham allow the consumer to get exactly what they want while saving a significant amount of money. When compared to the cost of constructing a new home, the cost of the Homes of East Burnham are much more attractive. By taking advantage of the various environmentally friendly and sustainable construction methods, the Homes of East Burnham provide a unique living experience as well as the ability to custom design the home of choice. By choosing to have the Homes of East Burnham built at this site rather than somewhere else, the client gets to benefit from the combination of traditional and modern designs. Even though prefab homes are the most affordable housing option available, it does not mean that a home built on a property owned by someone else cannot be as beautiful as one designed using traditional construction methods.

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