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Custom Built Homes Vs a New Home

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G & A Custom Builders is an internationally-recognized builder of custom homes. Started in 1996 by Desmond Greaves, G & A Custom Builders is today a member of NARI and holds an A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau. winner of many prestigious Contractor of the Year Awards, as well as a prestigious Chrysalis Award for excellence in remodeling in 2021, the company services both commercial and residential clients in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. Offering a full range of Custom built home products, G & A Custom Builders strives to continually bring state-of-the-art design and construction methods to their customers. They have a reputation for producing award-winning custom homes that are both unique and affordable.

The key to success at G & A Custom Builders is the use of a consistent approach to building design. Their clients benefit from the knowledge and experience of a custom home builder, while also benefiting from the innovative, professional way in which they perform their own remodeling and construction work. At G & A Custom Builders, every aspect of the building process is customized to meet the needs of the customer. This includes everything from floor plans and kitchen layouts to interiors and finish details. It’s all about taking the guesswork out of home building.

There is no wasted time during the construction of custom built homes because every square foot is designed to provide the ultimate home experience. From the choice of floor plan to the selection of quality materials to the finishing details, G & A Custom Builders takes care to ensure each home is built to the client’s specifications. From the beginning, the goal is to build a house that will last for decades. Because building materials are used to a high standard, there is no worry about maintenance costs, so homeowners don’t have to worry about fixing or replacing worn out items, which is why many choose G & A Custom Builders.

Another benefit of opting for custom built homes is that when the client eventually decides to sell the house, it will fit seamlessly into the current market. It won’t look like a completely different residence. Instead, prospective buyers will immediately recognize the addition and assume that the house is new when they walk through the front or back doors.

There is also a misconception about the value of custom-built homes. Many assume that because they are designed to resemble an existing home, the price is higher. While there might be some appeal in owning a house that feels exactly like another one, buyers should be aware that when a house meets all of the necessary criteria, its value can increase significantly. There are several factors that influence the perceived value of a home, such as square foot, number of bathrooms and closets, and number of upgrades throughout the house.

When a family is considering purchasing a custom home, they should know everything about the house before they begin negotiations. Having an understanding of the square footage, floor plan, and other specifications will help make the experience more enjoyable. Purchasing custom built homes also allows a growing family to have more flexibility. If the parents need to expand their family in the future, they can make additional rooms without having to purchase another home. The family will never feel crowded, and they will always have a home that fits their needs and lifestyle.

When comparing custom built homes to a new home, there are a few features that stand out. The kitchen and bathroom size, for example, are often smaller than in a new home. In addition, custom built homes often offer more square foot of living area, allowing for more family members or visitors.

For these reasons, custom builders often choose to construct their homes on sites that already exist. They can save a lot of money by constructing the home on the site where it will be built rather than building it from scratch. For this reason, custom built homes are usually constructed closer to the site of the property than a brand new home is. This saves time and money and allows a growing family to have more flexibility and fewer worries.

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