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Custom Homes

At New Homes Builders Gold Coast we are passionate about building new, custom, dream homes and have turned that passion into a convenient tool for you to use to find your next custom home builder on the Gold Coast. Our team has compiled a directory full of custom home builders who work with only the most experienced and professional of builders. All of our hand-selected builders share the same goal of providing impeccable craftsmanship at affordable prices and have a reputation of reliability and efficiency to make any custom home building project run smoothly and stay on budget.

We have spent years working hard to build relationships with local, premium suppliers. We have selected only the best, most trustworthy, custom home builders so you only pay for what you need and what you pay for is quality and sustainable materials sourced locally to help benefit the community you love and live in.

Our selection of premier, experienced, and qualified Custom Home Builders on the Gold Coast can design, customize, and build your new dream home exactly the way you want it. Our selected builders have over 100 years of combined experience in building new, custom, luxury homes right here on the Gold Coast. Our selection of builders can tailor any project to fit your lifestyle or family needs and can turn any idea into a one-of-a-kind home.

No home building project is too small or too large for our selection of custom home building teams. From the early stages of planning, to advice and suggestions along the way, our selection of builders and specialists can construct your ideal dream home and save you money in the process.

Maybe you aren’t sure what you want in your new dream home or aren’t sure where to begin in the selection process? Use our custom home builder directory to find the perfect custom home builder that fits your needs most and let the design specialist and experts in customization handle the planning, design, and construction of your new dream home.

Luxury Home Builder Gold Coast

It is said that living in a well-designed home enhances the lives of those who live within it, so living in a new luxury custom home built to specifically fit your needs and wants, will most inevitably enhance your daily life. Thoughtful designs, expert craftsmanship, and the highest quality materials bridge the gap between traditional construction and luxury bespoke architecture without compromising on affordability. Take some time to discuss your needs and wants with one of our hand-selected luxury home builders on the Gold Coast and be amazed at how simple and easy it really is to begin construction on your new luxury dream home. Our selection of custom luxury home builders will ensure that the entire process from the preliminary consultations to the signing off on the blueprints and understanding the completed contract is as stress-less and hassle-free as possible.

Custom Home Building Process

To help you better understand the process of what goes into building a new home we have compiled the procedures of many of our selected custom home builders to help educate you on the work that goes into the construction of your new luxury dream home.

  1. The Preliminary Process: Meet with a consultant to best determine your needs and wants. Explain what you are looking for, the features you would like to have, your ideal layout, and your intended budget. The consultation team will visit your site to get a better understanding of the block of land and will generate a quote.

  1. Investigation and Assessment: There will be lots of tests on your block of land that will help determine the suitability to build on and the location of services and utilities. After the test and assessment, you will be partnered with a client manager who will be by your side during the entire build process

  1. Interior Design: Interior design teams will walk you through the colour selection and design process. You’ll pick your favorite colours, finishes, and fixtures that will turn your house into your dream home.

  1. Contract Signing: Once you have finalized your plans, designs, and colours, a final contract will be drafted for you to sign. After signing, the firm will begin applying for necessary council applications and permits and once those have been approved, the construction process can begin.

  1. Construction Begins: Your site supervisor, who will oversee the entire construction process, will meet you and outline your personalized construction program and can answer any questions you may have.

*Optional Pool: If your dream home includes a pool, the construction will most likely begin there as it becomes more difficult to maneuver once a building has been built

  1. Base / Slab Pour: The slab or foundation is the first major part of the home to be built. There are a lot of “pre-pour” processes that need to be carried out but a solid foundation will guarantee a home for the ages.

  1. Framing: Framing is when the slab starts to shape into a house. There are different types of framing, stick and pre-nailed, and depending on the size and complexity of your new custom dream home, the site manager will determine which is right for your project.

  1. Roof and “Roughin”: The roof and “roughin” phase is completed after initial framing inspections are completed. This phase is when electrical pre-wiring and initial plumbing and pipework go in.

  1. Enclosure: Once your site has passed “roughin” inspections the house can be enclosed and the shape of your house looks more like a home. This part may take a few weeks, as material for interior walls will need to be loaded into the home before the outside can be enclosed

  1. Fixing: Insulation is loaded into the walls and the drywall is put up, Wood floors and tiles will go in, showers walls are custom built and cabinets and countertops are put into place. Trim around the home is put up.

  1. Practical Completion: Shower fixtures, sinks, toilets, electrical lights, AC and heaters, kitchen utilities, interior doors and windows are all installed. At this time, your site will be visited by plumbers, electricians, mechanical technicians who will complete their required work as necessary. Backsplash, paint, carpets and the sealing of hardwood floors are all completed as well

  1. Handover: A final construction completion walkthrough will allow you to walk the property with your site supervisor and address any concerns you may have. Once everything passes your inspection, the keys are handed to you and you can begin to move into your new custom built luxury dream home.

We hope this has helped you in some way, we invite you to use the filters in the top of the page to find your ideal custom home builder on the Gold Coast.