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How Does Home Construction Work?

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Home construction is the creative process of building a home, usually called a ‘house’ by those who would immediately or later live in it. It can be the result of individuals who have dreams of living permanently in a particular home and/or it can be the product of a group of people who want to build one together. Home construction involves the collective building of homes from the ground up – literally.

Home construction starts with the preparation of the area to be built upon, which includes a foundation. The foundation is made by excavating the area and installing the foundations. After the foundations are set and dry, they are leveled and plastered. Some home construction companies will install the walls once the foundations are ready.

Once the foundation is in place, the interior walls are created according to the plans supplied by the builder. Walls are constructed using beams and timbers that are nailed together with nails driven through the wooden frames. Windows are also installed where the builder wants to. The walls are plastered and painted, and ceiling and flooring are laid out according to the layout and preferences of the builder. Electrical wiring and plumbing connections are arranged and connected before the doors and windows are installed. Some construction companies will even install the kitchen, bathrooms and other amenities as part of the custom home construction.

When the foundation is almost in place, the construction crew begins working on the outside walls, roofs, floors and other aspects of the house. Home construction crews use pre-fabricated parts to construct most of the exterior structures, such as walls, roofs, walkways, porches, decks and porches. The builder can add more exterior structures as he deems necessary. Most of the materials used during construction of a new home are pre-fabricated.

Once all of the external walls are complete, the builder’s crew starts on the interior. This includes laying out the furniture, painting, carpeting, drapes, windows, wall coverings and cabinets. Walls are constructed from pre-fabricated panels and ceiling to floor boards. Floors are laid in place and countertops are laid in place of wood or tile. All of the walls and floors are built to specifications requested by the builder.

The inside of the house is put together after the walls are finished. Furniture, appliances, beds, couches, dressers and all of the small home utility items are placed in their proper place. Wallpaper is applied for the walls and ceilings and floors are tiled or covered with large squares of plywood. Electrical wiring is put in place, including outlets and all electrical boxes. Bathtubs, sinks and faucets are placed in their proper places.

The exterior finish is applied to all walls and ceilings and the foundation is built to specifications and all the framing is done. When the construction of the foundation is complete, the house is poured into its foundation and then attached to the foundation. Drywall is used as the exterior wall and all other interior walls are framed with drywall. All of the plumbing, electrical, and heating and cooling equipment is installed when the home is built.

When the home is completed, it will have an average floor area of one hundred and eighty square feet. The contractor will install all of the exterior trim and siding. Exterior lighting fixtures are used most often. There are many exterior light fixtures to choose from, including outdoor chandeliers, gazebos, path lights and exterior wall lights. Homeowners may add a hot tub, screened in porch or deck. Some homeowners choose to have a private swimming pool on their property.

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