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Knock Down Rebuild

Have you found the perfect piece of land you want to call home but the house that is currently sitting on it just isn’t what you dreamed of? Maybe you have found a perfect location within your ideal school district but there isn’t enough room for your growing family. Perhaps your home was designed before the open floor concept became popular and you feel your house is cramped. Or maybe you are empty nesters who need a smaller, more useful space but you love the community you are in and don’t want to move out of it. 

If you are unhappy in your current home, you don’t always have to move. Use the New Home Builders Directory to find the perfect match to knockdown and demolish your current home and replace it with your new dream home right where you have grown to love.

You can take an active part in designing, planning and customizing your new dream home and you’ll get exactly what you are looking for.  Our selection of new home builders will work endlessly with you to help you understand everything you need to know about knocking down and rebuilding on your currently owned piece of land.


  • Stay in your preferred and trusted community
  • Remain in the school district your kids are already accustomed to 
  • Live in a brand new house with new fixtures, floors, and paint
  • Select from quality pre-designed single or double storey homes
  • Or build from the ground up your ideal floor plan and layout
  • Avoid the limitations of remodelling with extensive customizations available
  • Upgrade to new state-of-the-art sustainable energy efficient designs and save money over the years.
  • Save additional money by not having to pay real estate fees or stamp duties


  • Choose from pre-designed homes or custom build to suit your needs
  • Have step-by-step guidance through the whole process from demolishing your current home to constructing your new dream home
  • Peace of mind that you’ll be living in a new home with up-to-date fixtures and utilities
  • Remaining right where you have grown to love without disrupting a child’s school year


  • Help obtaining permits and inspections from local Councils
  • Help with planning floor plans and customizations to meet your needs
  • Upfront quotes and pricing so no surprises down the line
  • Establish a construction time frame so you know when you can move in and the progress that should be happening along the way


  • Design your dream home  
  • Chat with a consultant to plan the floor plan of your new dream home 
  • Choose your interior features and fixtures to match your style 
  • Pick colour options for inside walls and outside siding
  • Explore Financial Options and Payment Plans
  • Whether you are self-financing or taking on a mortgage, there are a lot of options to help you afford to knockdown and rebuild the house of your dreams
  • Secure Your Quote 
  • Pay a deposit to secure the quoted price and any additional promotional offers
  • Deposits range in price depending on which company you choose form but expect to put down around $1500
  • Gather Necessary Permits
  • Local Councils will each have their own requirements and regulations for knocking down and rebuilding on your currently owned plot
  • Soil, Water, Runoff, and Environmental impact reports will need to be conducted before any construction or demolition can begin
  • Make Any Final Customizations and Approve Final Drawings
  • Once the final drawings have been approved changes typically cannot be made
  • Start of Site Activity 
  • Confirmation that utilities including water, power, gas, and phone lines have been properly disconnected and a sewer cap placed on the main line to prevent leakage into the soil
  • Demolition and removal of your current home can begin 
  • Site retested after removal of old home and approval from local Councils is needed 
  • Construction can begin on your new dream home


Unfortunately, you can’t just knockdown and rebuild anywhere. Local Councils have set requirements for New Home Builders based on land and environment suitability. 

  • Detailed reports to prove this suitability will need to be obtained from licensed surveyors and inspectors. 
  • Previous buildings being demolished will need Demolition Permits from a certified demolition company. 
  • Gas, power, and water lines will need to be disconnected and a cap will need to be placed on the sewer line in accordance with local authority guidelines.  
  • Soil and water runoff surveys will be conducted to ensure compliance with local council regulations throughout the process. These will all take time, so it is best to begin as early as possible. 

The more information that you can provide to your contractor, the easier the on-site construction will go.  There are lots of unforeseen problems that may slow construction. Talk to local Councils to best determine: 

  • Where sewer, water, power and gas lines lie in the ground
  • When were these utility lines installed and do they need to be replaced to ensure longevity.
  • Are there any hidden obstructions like septic tanks, water-wells, or pipelines that need to be accounted for . 
  • The last thing you want when building your new dream home is to break one of these utility lines, as that may add additional costs to rectify and can drastically postpone construction plans.
  • Where are the boundaries of your property and how close can you build to that line. 
  • Are there trees that may affect the home years down the road

New Home Builders Directory allows you to easily search  150+ contractors and companies to find your ideal New Home Builder from the comfort of your home. Trust our search engine to find the perfect fit for budget, design, and suitability to satisfy all of your knockdown and rebuild construction needs.