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Metricon Santorini

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Metricon Santorini, Greece is the perfect location for any one or more of your vacation travel and adventure holidays. The island was first settled by the ancient Greeks, who made it their home many years ago. It is a safe, romantic and luxurious getaway that’s right off the beaten path. The weather in Greece is sub-tropical, which makes it ideal for those sunny, glorious Mediterranean summers, yet the milder winters offer much to keep holiday makers entertained and stimulated. The island’s architecture is also outstanding with many buildings made from exquisite, natural Greek marble. If you are seeking an idyllic setting to spend your holidays, then a visit to the Metricon Santorini, Greece will definitely be a hit.

Many tourists come to Metricon Santorini, Greece just to marvel at the breathtakingly beautiful Santorini nightlife. With its serene beaches and picturesque surrounding waters, this is a destination where you can simply relax and party the night away. One of the most popular activities on the islands is parasailing, where the guests can watch the breathtaking sunsets over the sea. Thepi Orchids is plentiful on the Santorini and if you want a pet to look after them, then the developer applied the famous “pi” term that is synonymous with love. The “PI” stands for “passion”, so you can be sure that whatever care you have for the Orchids, they will be cared for by your” PI” when they need it. You can purchase the same fresh, organic Pearls that your feet are soaked in, at the same time you will be adding happiness to your holiday.

In addition to fresh, organic Pearls, the Metricon Santorini, Greece developer applied several other gems to the island’s atmosphere. There are numerous “Gold Members” that is sold on the Metricon Santorini where the buyers can literally scoop up these precious jewels. The developers spent considerable amounts on researching the best pearls from the region, in order to provide their clients with a perfectly round, smooth, tightly structured and luxurious pearl. Some of the “gold members” have a nine-year life span and are certified to cut the diamonds in the most precise way possible.

One of the most popular items sold at the Metricon Santorini, Greece development is the Santorini penthouse. The developers combined the traditional qualities of the old buildings that have been reduced to a state of extreme elegance. Each penthouse is furnished to the highest standards and the developer applied luxurious techniques throughout the project including double doors, hidden windows and woodwork with exquisite grain. The interior of the Santorini penthouse has beautiful furniture that has been decorated with expensive materials, including Venetian marble and tortoise shell wallpaper. The developer applied a low profile lighting system that has five dimmers and a dimmer switch for each corner of the room.

In the lobby of the Metricon Santorini, Greece you will find a restaurant that offers gourmet food prepared by world-class chefs. The developer applied the concept of “people-watching” throughout the Santorini hotel, which means that guests can dine at the Metricon Santorini, Greece penthouse while watching people moving in their every-day lives. The designer dining room is situated in the eleventh floor and overlooks Oia in the Aegean Sea. The twenty-fourth floor offers breathtaking views of the sea and includes a spa and sauna. Both the hotel floors offer panoramic views and visitors are encouraged to relax in the many spas and gyms located all around the Santorini island.

Another amazing highlight of the Santorini Metricon, Greece development is the Platinum Shambini Machines. These state-of-the-art machines can be operated by a specially trained masseur and feature a digital control system. A twenty-four-hour security monitoring system is also available to provide maximum protection to all guests. This company was selected as one of the “100 Best Companies in the World” by the World Health Organization for its contributions to the betterment of health throughout the world.

The owner and operator, Dimitrios Kourousou, founded his company with the goal of providing first class luxurious amenities to clients. As a leader in the industry, he has developed a reputation as one of the most talented and creative designers in the industry. He is constantly applying technological innovations to increase the quality of his work while creating new attractions for his clientele. Among the newly added services that he offers are: wine tastings, Mediterranean cuisine, and a la carte wedding planning.

Metricon Santorini is committed to providing guests and visitors the most exceptional experience possible. The developer applied the concept of “people-watching” throughout the Santorini hotel, which means that guests can literally “see the people” during their stay. He hopes to make the entire experience one that will leave guests smiling for a lifetime. Metricon Santorini is committed to providing the highest standard in customer service and hospitality.

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