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Mitchell Builders Can Help You Achieve Your Dream Home

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Mitchell Builders is the leaders of the custom home industry and have been in business since 1958. They are one of the most recognized and reputable companies when it comes to the design and construction of custom homes. Their wide variety of services and offerings go well beyond just house construction, but rather encompass everything from basement remodeling to high end patio and landscaping to custom home accessories and finishing touches.

A home remodel or build it yourself (R Yards) can be a highly detailed and complicated process. It requires specialized tools such as a hammer, saw, drill press, and carpentry tools. It requires skilled labor such as a carpenter. The result can be a highly valuable real estate investment requiring more time and effort than a simple renovation of an existing structure. Custom Cabinets by Mitchell Builders are designed to add value to any home while optimizing its existing features.

If you are seeking to purchase or sell a home, then a quality remodel is necessary for the overall appearance of your home. A new set of cabinets on your commercial location may require a new floor, new wall treatments, or new kitchen cabinetry. Even though your home’s historical structure has probably already been addressed, a newly updated kitchen and bathroom may make the difference between a successful transaction and a property that sell for next to nothing or drops in price.

It is important to choose a professional design firm to properly address your needs and create a floor plan that meets your goals. Properly trained design staff can help you select the correct materials, choose a contractor who can provide the specific services you need, and maintain existing flooring and cabinetry. Mitigating transitional zones and meeting regulatory obligations are additional considerations in the design and preparation of a design. With a comprehensive understanding of the process involved and a skilled design team to assist you, your Mitchell Builders specialists can help you find the perfect solution to any design challenges and make your dream a reality.

Mitchell Builders can design and construct a large number of bathrooms, including walk-in clinics, family restrooms, and septic tanks. In addition to these wide-ranging projects, many of our services include remodeling and renovation of commercial locations. Whether it is a restaurant, office building, retail store, or industrial facility, our designers can assist you with creating a detailed floor plan to include all necessary aspects, including bathrooms, fireplaces, walls, and parking structures. We can create a seamless floor plan from start to finish, including transitions, to maintain existing floorplan standards. Many businesses have tight budgets and may be unable to pay for an extensive remodel. In these cases we can help with an incomplete remodel project and then provide financing for necessary materials, supplies, and labor to complete the project.

Our design professionals can also assist you with a new shower bathroom or a maintenance shop remodel. These are often complex jobs, and we can complete them quickly and efficiently so you do not have to move out in order to get your business back on track. Some of our customers have been waiting months to have these services completed, and are finally getting what they desire. Our team can coordinate a variety of services to make your home look great, even when you do not want it to. This is sometimes the key to saving money because you can update an outdated bathroom and keep the old style, but keep the new features, and maintain existing bathroom floorplan standards.

We can install new fixtures, including faucets, toilets, vanities, shower/toilet combinations, and flooring. If you want to install new cabinets, we can re-carpet and install new countertops and cabinet tops, as well. We can also update existing cabinets, add new drawers and shelves, and install new hardware. Our staff can also help you decide if you want to keep the existing toilet as is, if you want to install a new tank, and if you need to add new plumbing or electric lines to your house.

If you have bathtubs, we can install wall-mounted sinks, whirlpool baths, and contemporary bathtubs. If you have built-in cabinets, we can replace those, remove the doors, and install new cabinet fronts to match your cabinets. Bathrooms can be updated by adding new countertops, cabinets, faucets, and bathroom tiles. We can also refurnish basins, showers, spas, and more. Yes, – I plan to update the bathroom countertops, bathroom faucets, and the bathroom sink.

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